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Looking to install tile or tile flooring in Charleston, SC or the tri-county area? Many retail, supply and tile stores offer to not only sell tile, but also install it, often at a “bargain price.” The problem is these are frequently “run and gun” installs with the goal of rapid installation, not quality craftsmanship, leading to issues, both cosmetic and serious.

See why Prestige Contracting is the #1 choice for many residential and commercial projects and contractors throughout the low country area.

Leveraging Technology and Experience

Tiling is simple on paper – you apply tile to a surface using adhesive. In practice though, it’s not so straightforward. Waterproofing, stabilizing and bonding to the substrate, layout, drainage, leveling, and more factors are all involved. These intricacies are learned with experience.

Combining our experience with technology such as the German-engineered Schluter® System, tile leveling systems, uncoupling membranes, and other modern advancements allows us to do higher quality work in less time, all with a lifetime warranty.

Dangers of Low-Quality Tile Work

Uneven Tiles

Not only unsightly, uneven tiles can be a serious trip hazard.

Improper Adhesion

Floor tiles can detach, becoming an ugly hazard, and wall tile can loosen, becoming a serious danger, especially to small children.

Inadequate Waterproofing

Allowing water to make its way under or around the tile causing mold, rot, and structural failure.

Improper Placement

A purely aesthetic issue, placing tiles in a way that is less or completely unappealing to the eye - a big waste of your money.

Wasted Materials

Over-ordering, constant mistakes, or improper application can lead to wasted materials and wasted money.

How we meet Client expectations

Years of Experience

There is nothing wrong with using a contractor that is just starting out, but our years of experience ensure we can and will meet client expectations, regardless of size or complexity of the project.

Lifetime Warranty

On all tile work when using reccommended materials.

Utilizing the Schluter® System and other Technology

Implementing the German-Engineered Schluter® system allows the tiling work to be done faster, neater, and with beautifully elegant touches.

Licensed and Insured

Being Licensed and Insured allows both parties to sleep well at night, knowing that the work and work-site are insured in the instance there is damage - bodily or to property, during the duration of the project.

Scheduling and Communication

Calendars and paperwork aren't the most exciting part of projects, but vital for ensuring both sides have a clear understanding, and keep to a schedule.