Residential and Commercial

Residential and Commercial Remodeling in Charleston SC

Thanks to the booming local market, homeowners and re-sellers are seeing the advantage of investing in home remodeling in Charleston, SC, with the most common upgrades ranging from closet and bathroom remodeling, to Kitchen and Garage remodeling. This is sometimes as simple as fresh paint and new fixtures, or as involved as a complete demolition and redesign to make your dream home a reality.

Commercial properties and offices in the area have a similar opportunity at hand. With new buildings and offices being constructed at an incredible rate, outdated or impractical spaces are being left behind. A refresh and remodel can take your commercial space from insignificant to incredible.

Residential and Commercial Remodeling and Repair

Like anything man-made, homes and offices need regular maintenance, upkeep, and  updates to continue being functional, efficient, and appealing. Unfortunately, we see a lot of residential and commercial properties that are left as-is or “patched up” to save a few pennies, then in the long-run cost hundreds or thousands to update or repair correctly, sometimes with substantial issues that could have been avoided from the start. We offer affordable remodeling and update services so that you can keep your property looking great and running efficiently.

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is where we start and finish each day. It’s where we prepare for what’s ahead, and unwind from what has transpired. They’re a source of solitude, inspiration, and are necessary for health and hygiene. Sometimes a new sink or bathtub can provide the desired look, and sometimes a complete overhaul is desired. Whether you’re planning to resell, or planning to live in the home, bathroom remodels can increase both resale and homeowner joy, and the crew here at Prestige Contracting would love to work with you to make your Bathroom Remodel in Charleston happen.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens bring families together. Through breakfast, lunch, dinner, holidays and family visits, kitchens hold food, appliances, and memories. They withstand the heat of the oven, the cold of the fridge, constant traffic, wear and tear, and abuse. It’s no wonder that many homeowners and buyers look at the kitchen as the most important room in the house. From the floor to the ceiling, a kitchen remodel in Charleston will keep your home up to date and can preserve resale value better than any other room. If a kitchen remodel is an option you’ve considered, contact us at no charge to discuss which changes would make the biggest difference in your kitchen.

Residential Remodel
and Repair

While bathroom and kitchen remodels are two of the most common, Master Bedroom remodels, closets, converted garages or attics, and any other room in the house can still make a world of difference, both to you as a homeowner and to any potential buyers. And sometimes smaller changes are the ones that make the biggest difference – front door replacement, decks, garage door replacement, new tile or wood floors, or new efficient windows can yield the highest ROI (Return On Investment). Big renovations or small changes, Prestige Contracting is here to help.

Commercial Remodel
and Repair

With commercial and economic growth in Charleston going through the roof, office space is a hot commodity, but with one catch: new construction is lowering demand, taking revenue from older and less appealing commercial spaces. Outdated commercial spaces lower customer confidence, increase maintenance costs, and can end up costing thousands more than simply keeping the building or space up-to-date. Contact us here at Prestige flooring so we can help you discover exactly what commercial remodel in Charleston, SC will help provide the best ROI for you and your business.