Charleston Fence Installation and Repairs

Why Build a Fence?

In the Charleston area, homes are being built, sold, and moved into at a rapid rate. Besides being aesthetically pleasing to look at, a solid fence built by a reputable fence contractor adds privacy and security to your home, especially when you don’t know your neighbors. Privacy fences keep eyes off of your property, family, and children, while picket fences and other shorter options make sure that small children and pets don’t leave the safety of the yard, and end up in harm’s way.

Experience with Many Shapes and Sizes

While the majority of our clients prefer traditional wood fences with a nice stain, there are as many stiles of fences as there are fence companies in Charleston, SC. So that reallt leaves two questions: “What type of fence is best for me?” and “Who is the best fence company in Charleston to build it?”

Deciding on a fence – whether it be painted, stained or natural, Pickett or tall for security, vinyl, wood, or composite – need not be overwhelming. A quick internet search can give you some inspiration, and a drive around the Charleston area can give you an idea of the styles that are common to South Carolina, especially if you’re not from here. And discussing the options with a local fence company like us will help get additional insight into your options.

Wooden Fence Construction

Affordable Fence Installation and Repairs in Charleston

We know there are many local companies to choose from, but we invite you to take just a moment to tell us about your project.
Many have decided to take advantage of our experience and flexible financing and payment options, perhaps you will too!