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Why Build a Deck?

With many new homes lacking a deck, and older homes often having either no deck or an aged, decaying deck, homeowners throughout Charleston are noticing the value of adding a deck to their home.

Besides the fact that “wooden decks have become synonymous with great returns on their investment decks provide a beautiful space to share with friends and family, including those with four legs.


More than wood

While traditional wood decks are by far the most common variety, did you know that there are alternatives, such as composite wood deck boards, made of recycled plastic? While the initial investment might be greater, these composite wood decks offer several advantages such as lower maintenance and maintenance costs, looks ljust like real wood, lasts significantly longer, and removes any chance of cracks and splinters which can find their way into your, your children’s, or your pet’s feet.

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Covered Deck with Pool
Cat on Wood Deck