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Residential and Commercial renovations in the tri-county area
Specializing in Small-Space renovations

Tile & Stone

Specializing in high-quality tile and stone flooring and other tile setting while utilizing the German-engineered Schluter® system allows premium tile work with a lifetime warranty to be installed in a fraction of the time, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, walls, floors, residential or commercial.

Wood & Laminate Flooring

Looking to install Laminate, Bamboo, Engineered, Vinyl, or Hardwood Flooring? Which type should you use? And a better question, WHICH of the flooring companies in Charleston, SC should you have install it? Take a moment to learn the difference between each of these products, and what to look for when you pick between the many flooring contractors in this area.

Remodeling and Repairs

Two rooms in particular often make or break an entire home’s experience: Kitchens and Bathrooms. While other spaces can be transformed with a quick coat of paint, Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation DIY steps can quickly overwhelm homeowners. Worse yet, incorrect or aged construction can lead to mold, rot, and even fires. Curious if a remodel might be a wise choice for your home?

Deck and Fence​

A deck not only adds value to your home or business, but adds practical space for relaxing with your family, seating customers, entering or exiting the building, entertaining and hosting events, turn unusable space around the building into a gorgeous accent, and more.

Fences serve many purposes, and can make a house really feel like a home, keep pets and children safe, keep animals and intruders away, guard your privacy, and more.


experience shows

A lot of the work we do in the tri-county area involves repairing or completely removing and reinstalling tile and flooring that was done incorrectly by well-meaning but inexperienced contractors. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has to start somewhere, but what matters is the end product is constructed completed correctly and delivered exactly as promised – the first time.

We are confident that our years of experience working from England, to the United States, and now in the beautiful Charleston and the Tri-County area will not disappoint. But to ease your mind even further, we invite you to browse our growing portfolio and glowing testimonials.

"If you are in the market for a highly principled and practiced professional for your home improvement project, then look no further than Stile Construction - now serving the Charleston, SC area. Our job was small by most standards, but the results were huge! Not enough positive words in the English language to describe Daniel. He was on time, flexible in scheduling, and efficient in getting the job done."

Tony M.

"For any one who is looking for tile work Daniel Clarke is the man to call. Daniel was prompt, always there when he said he would be there. His workmanship was flawless. He always cleaned up after himself. Very polite and trustworthy. I would highly recommend Daniel . 101% pleased. I will definitely be calling Daniel back for additional work!"

Jacqueline O.

our Goal

Our goal, not on some projects but on every single project we do, is to step back after we set the last tile, grout the last line, or lay the last piece of wood flooring, and impress ourselves. That might sound peculiar to some, but we want to share that same spark of joy a homeowner or business owner feels when seeing a space transformed from boring, broken, or mediocre, to beautiful and breathtaking. Often times our work is just a piece of the whole project, but our goal is to place just the right pieces to make the whole project shine.